What's a Buddha?

Zen points directly to the human heart, see into your nature and become Buddha.

— Hakuin Ekaku

I like to think of a Buddha as someone who learns to act and live completely free from doubt.**

It's not that they don't have any doubts, it's that they've learned to detach their actions and needs from those doubts.

They don't question their wants from five minutes ago, and they don't try to guess their wants five minutes from now.

They choose a path and they stick to it. They don't hesitate — which doesn't mean they don't change their minds. It means they don't ping-pong decisions and ideas back and forth pointlessly.

And living like that… is a truly fantastic way to live, definitely something worthy of being called nirvana.

** Surely, not everyone will agree with my view of things — and so consider it to be just that, my personal view.

But there's a funny thing about spirituality: that anything and everything is a point of view anyway — a personal one. None of it is rational, none of it can be clearly demonstrated as a fact. It's all a question of knowing through either belief or experience — both of which are entirely personal.

No two people will either believe or experience exactly the same thing. And so we all basically live in different realities.

Until we all act together — in a state of awakened connection to ourselves — and merge into the one single reality. Whatever that is...

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