Mysteries are the Juice of Life

Wonder, awe, and amazement. How else should I qualify life?

When we are born, we are so in a universe of mysteries. We know nothing, and wonder at all.

A world filled with mysteries is a world worth living in. It’s a space of exploration — and what is life but a journey into exploration?

All too often, growing up means resolving mysteries. We go to provide answers to every question that might arise. When we can’t find the answers for ourselves, then we journey to whomever might give us that answer.

Growing up means finding answers. Maturity means no longer asking questions. It’s pretending we know.

It’s pretending we know the unknowable. That’s what maturity often gets reduced to. Knowing.

Education leads to maturity and in doing so kills the mystery. In killing the mystery, it presses the juice out of life.

How should life be worth living if we should know all and all?  What does life become once we choose we know enough, and consequently stop our exploration — effacing all curiousity from the soul.

It’s not worth living, not without the mysteries. Look no further for depression — a life emptied of mystery and childlike exploration.

Growing up means being conditioned into believing we know — or sometimes into believing we’re stupid for not knowing what everyone else knows. That’s anxiety, symptom of an ego shamed from not knowing what society prescribes it should know.

Yeah, society dictates what we ought to know. Facts and beliefs, concepts and reason.

But the important stuff, the juice life… No one truly knows.

We’re just all pretending.

We’re all children pretending we know because we’ve been taught that knowing means power.

That’s wrong. Knowing is powerlessness masquerading as power. It’s a layer of plaster hiding the fear.

Look at children: are they afraid of life? No. They know they don’t know, they don’t pretend to know. True fear and the suffering it entails are a result of pretending we know. It’s growing up a rational mind that exclaims it knows, all the while preventing the soul from expressing its unknowing and the purpose that creates.

Not knowing is the true power that sets life alight.

The Mystery is the purpose you’ve been looking for.

Empty yourself, my love. Allow wonder, awe, and amazement to fill your being once again. Become a child again.

Be reborn, into the unknown.