What is Zen?

Cuckoo —
sing, fly, sing,
then start again.


Zen is the art of seeing the sacred through the mundane.

Zen is the craft of creating mundane out of sacred.

Zen brings awe and wonder to the simplest of happenings, just as a child who marvels at every little thing that happens to cross its attention.

The myriad colors
in a spoonful of sand.

The sparkling twinkle
in the eye
of a stranger.

The deepest of blues
in the bright midday sky.

The tenderness I feel
when my lover
smiles at me.

Zen brings all the beauty of life, the purpose of existence, to this single instant — this here and this now.

Zen is more than sitting in silence. It's a way of life and a gateway to truth.

Zen means welcoming myself — to this life, to this world, this existence — not as a stranger, nor a visitor, but as someone coming home.

The way of Zen is that of coming home.

It's coming home, to myself.