The miracles of modern civilization have brought the wonders of spiritual traditions from across the world to easy and simple grasp for everyone. Those same miracles have also brought their share of problems — anxiety and emotional repression being a rising plague across cultures and nations.

As diseases of the soul are reaching pandemic levels, we are fortunate to have in our hands the multitude of tools which are offered by all these various spiritual traditions.

It is my understanding that these traditions are today meant to be united, combined as the complements which they are — a unique path of spiritual awakening for each of us, a variety of distinct flavours.

Zen & Tantra — Perfect Marriage

Zen concerns itself with defeating the stubbornness of the mind from the inside: through inquiry and contemplative meditation, we come to disidentify from the illusions created within it.

Tantra would address the problem from the complementary angle, through the body — by exploring, understanding, and balancing abstract representations of the body’s inner energy flows known as the chakras.

For different people and at different stages in their lives, Zen or Tantra may be more appropriate — but I am convinced that, together, these two paths of spirituality offer much of what is needed for healing through the struggles of modern society.