The path to spiritual self-realization isn’t without its share of difficulty. Coming to know who we are - who we really are, beyond the mind’s constructions - requires courage, discipline, and an open heart.

Yoga is a spiritual discipline which provides many different tools and practices to assist us on our journey of self-discovery. It’s much more than the session of physical exercise we’ve become accustomed to with what’s been popularized as yoga in modern times.

Yoga as a Way of Life

Yoga, and particularly Tantra Yoga, aims at the dissolution of the barriers we’ve erected between body, mind, and soul. It’s the re-union of all those wonderful things that make up what we are, an end to the illusory conflicts that society conditions into us and which only serve to make a struggle out of what might otherwise be a blissful experience called life.

My spiritual practice - my yoga - is ever present with me through daily life. It centers on mindfulness: the practice of bringing as much of me as possible to conscious awareness, from brushing my teeth to witnessing the emotions that dwell inside me.

Yoga as an Asana Practice

The physical asana yoga practice I teach is the Kaula Tantra Yoga series, an ancient technique that brings balance to the doshas of Ayurveda and the chakras of Tantra. To this, I apply my own experience with mindful awareness in bringing my students into deeper meditative union with their body - physically, energetically, and emotionally.

In a space of two to three hours, we enter a journey of exploration into our being as a whole. We learn to move the body and the breath in a way which is intuitive and natural. There is no right way to flow into an asana: as every body is different, each of us needs time in finding our own personal zone of comfort - letting the body adapt at its own pace, never forcing nor moving into pain. Some of the asanas we practice seem rather simple on the surface, but may take up to ten years to perfect. This perfection is reached, not by sheer force of will, but with the body evolving into itself through time and under the watchful eye of the love we have for it.

The intention of my asana practice is not one of physical fitness. It’s rather the creation of a meditative space where the body, mind, and soul come to meet into a blissful dance and learn to be once again the best of friends and the most reliable of allies.

More than anything, I strive to teach yoga as a genuine and meaningful step towards spiritual freedom and self-realization.

- Love & Peace - Day ☀️