Here you’ll find a set of meditation playlists crafted by Day. Find the one that speaks to you in this moment and allow your soul to be embraced and taken away.

Mindfulness Meditation

The mind sometimes get stuck, trapped within in itself — anxiety.

This playlist is crafted for guiding the mind away from itself — away from the traps of anxiety, doubt, and fear.

Sit in silent meditation and with a candle in front of you. Use the candle as a focus for your eyes — explore the flame and let the music guide your soul. Burn sage or palo santo — explore the smoke, the scents, and let your senses guide you back into your body.

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Sweet Melancholy

Melancholy, this deep sense of sadness that permeates the soul, is one the beautiful gifts of life and ought never to be avoided. When I experience it, I allows myself to dive deep into to — to feel it in every bit of my body, and to let it flow through my veins and through my bones.

Melancholy, if allowed to flow freely into tears and whatever may come, has the power to become a force of transformation within. It can blossom into beauty, into creativity, and into life. If seen through, it will transform into something beautiful — a divine light at the end of dark tunnel.

Lie in bed, place your hands on your belly below your navel. Hold your emotions, hold your beautiful inner child and allow it to feel whatever it has to feel.

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Gentle Meditation

A simple and gentle playlist of soothing music. Use it for meditation, massage, reiki, or any situation.

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Inspiration Meditation

This playlist is meant to guide a journey of exploration into emotions — any and all emotions. Use it to channel your inspiration, your creativity, and to start up your emotions when they somehow seem confused.

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Soul Cleansing Meditation

This playlist is meant to guide the soul towards a space of calm emptiness. Use it when feeling overwhelmed, or when experiencing difficulty sleeping.

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Soul Healing Meditation

Music which heals the soul, which channels renewed energy into the spirit and takes the mind away from from worry and pain.

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Guided Meditation

Sit in silence, closed your eyes, and let yourself be guided into the nature of meditation.

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