Home is in the Here & Now

It’s difficult to grow and evolve in life, to heal our wounds and finally move beyond them.

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, there are parts of us that just seem out of reach. We know they’re there, sometimes we can see them, but we just can’t understand or control them.

It’s entirely normal to struggle with understanding ourselves and how we fit in the world. We’ve all been conditioned to have our eyes open to only a small portion of reality.

But with a bit of work, we can change that. We can grow in consciousness and come to see ourselves for who we truly are.

With Zen Coaching, I offer guidance in finding your way back to yourself — in opening your eyes to who you are and to all that life can offer you — here & now. I provide a fresh perspective, a witness on the outside who’s been trained to listen to those subtle calls of the soul.

We all get lost from time to time. It’s part of being human.

Zen Coaching gives you the tools to make those moments, where you are lost, feel more like beautiful opportunities for growth and less like pointless moments of suffering. This means learning to stop fighting against those daily struggles and instead integrate them, flowing through them and learning to surrender to life.

How Zen Coaching Works

The coaching is a dialog I facilitate between you and yourself. I listen, I question, and I challenge in a such a way as to assist you in understanding yourself better.

I’m a guide. I point the way back home should you ever get lost — lost in your emotions, in your thoughts, in the past or in the future. I’m not here to push or advise, but to facilitate and welcome your inner experiences and processes.

I’m like an anchor attaching you to the here & now, to reality. I support you in exploring whatever the real you wishes to explore. This can be...

  • Doubts over important life decisions.

  • Struggles with trust or self-confidence.

  • Difficulties in relationships.

  • A busy and anxious mind.

  • Repressed emotions and experiences.

  • Judgment and inner criticism, with yourself as well as others.

Anything that limits you in your life, or that keeps you trapped, is a topic worth exploring and working on healing.

Key Benefits of Zen Coaching

Zen Coaching is a deep transformative process if you’re ready to invite real and meaningful change in your life. Some examples of what we explore in the sessions are...

  • The meaning of surrendering to the here & now — not through mental understanding, but through practice and experience.

  • Gaining more awareness in those patterns of control and judgment that hold you back in life.

  • Learning to make your mind a friend and ally, rather than the foe you’ve been conditioned to see it as.

  • Practicing slowing down, finding peace and joy in the little moments of life.

  • Creating a healthy balance of trust and surrender — with yourself, towards your intuition, and to life in general.

Zen Coaching is a powerful and intuitive process. The best way to know if it’s a match for you is to try it.

I’ll be happy to give you a free session so you can see if Zen Coaching is something that works for you.


Day is a really careful and gentle observant and listener. I was really surprised how adequate his questions were and how far did we go in one coaching session. I highly recommend Day if you need to feel and understand yourself better. He is really dedicated to what he is doing, creates safe and trustful environment and has a deep insights and intuition about the inner processes. Thank you for our meeting!
— Dominika, Poland
The coaching with Day was very transformative for me. With his help I could really face some of my deepest fears and wounds and learn to accept them rather then fighting them. Day has such a good feeling for asking the right question and getting to the core of the situation. I never felt judged or uncomfortable making myself vulnerable. He always created a very safe and loving space where I could go deep within. He always helped me to realise the solution by myself rather than telling me what the solution could be. He gave the right impulses to think about and little tasked that helped me to go deeper. He had creative ideas and interesting tools that really helped me to get out of my stories. He mirrored me very precisely and that really helped to see how my mind tricked me so many times. He also offered me support next to the regular coaching sessions and I really felt, that he cared about how I feel and what I need. I am super grateful for this coaching.
— Hannah, Berlin
Thank you, Day, for your very beautiful and thoughtful coaching. It really helped me to dive deep into my hidden fears and underlying issues and see them more clearly. I love your meditative approach and your kind and gentle manner - you really encouraged me to be more kind to myself, find my peace with the peace inside and continue my journey more nourished and stronger.
— Surya, London